Connect to Your Wireless Network

Connecting your laptop or other wireless device to the Internet is easy with your FiOS router.

  • First, locate the label on your FiOS router with your ESSID and your WEP or WPA2 password. To find the router’s information on your FiOS TV, go to the Main Menu, choose “Customer Support” and then “My Wireless Network.”
  • Using your laptop, tablet or other wireless device, look for your ESSID in the list of wireless networks shown. It’s usually under “Available Networks,” “Wi-Fi” or “Wireless Networks.”
  • Select your ESSID and then “Connect.” When you’re asked for a password or network key, enter the WEP or WPA2. Select “Connect.”

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Did you know?

To verify your Internet connection speed, go to, select “Start Speed Test” and follow the prompts.